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Z-Cron is a scheduler that allows you to automatically execute tasks on computers according
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2 July 2012

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Punctuality and management are two of the most important terminologies utilized in the professional spheres that signify effective working and productivity. Since every organization aims at long term growth and excellent work delivery schedules, they take up various steps to ensure that the designated tasks are duly accomplished by the staff members. In order to achieve this purpose, various assistive programs and tools are utilized, most of them computer aided which duly work to streamline all work orders and procedures. Managing the aligned tasks and responsibilities and tracking the usage of varied files and documents can be done with the help of these utilities and they also help in automating desired tasks without requiring manual assistance. Z-Cron is a tool that works easily as a similar utility with its effectual management of professional tasks.

Z-Cron opens with a compact and neatly organized interface that has all the major options arranged at the left panel that forms working on accounts and task scheduling. The main screen shows up the list of programs which can be executed appropriately and also enables effective time control. The program works as a simple tool that can help in enabling and disabling of applications and uploading documents along with monitoring of system services and also enables clean up of directories. It enables working up of tasks as scheduled by the user and also facilitates automatic file transfer; along with working up Internet connections and management of devices installed. This tool can enable any kind of organization to work easily and in a simplified manner.

To conclude, Z-Cron certainly works as a useful tool that works as an enhanced medium for automating several commands on the systems for professional usage and thus gets a rating of 3.5 points for its user friendly performance.

Publisher's description

Z-Cron is a scheduler that allows you to automatically execute tasks on computers according to a schedule. It acts as a central managing tool for the automation and monitoring of computer systems. Z-Cron scheduler does not only start other applications, it also includes a large variety of built-in functions, such as showing reminder text messages on the screen, system maintenance, establishing internet connections or shutting down the system.
Version 4.9
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